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Yes, that is what tends to happen with all of the fish I have
colony-spawned, from Lamprologus brevis, to Pencilfish to the Mel.
pierruciae. I only got 8 peirruciae, but now they are in their own grow out
tank and will be my new colony. The pencils and brevis did much better, with
30 or so fry hatched out before the sibling cannabalism started in.

Nice thing tho is it is the easieast way for me to get those first fry, as
no one has to be disturbed by me pulling out and changing mops. :-) And I
do find that most bows prefer the plants to the mops so if I want eggs in
the mops I have to remove the plants, even the java fern. Worse comes to
worse, I will move the adults to another tank after a month and see if any
fry don't "pop up" in the original tank soon afterwards. ;-)

At this point, if I got a dozen fry growing up in there, I would be a VERY
happy camper. :-) The adults have settled in nicely and even come out to
eat while I am still in front of their tank... at least they will if I am
very still. ;-)

One more question for you: how big are the Rhad's eggs in comparson to other
rainbow spp? Are they smaller like Glossolepis or larger like Pseudomugils?
I have some tiny Corys (can't find ID in a book, but they are <1"
full-grown) that I think would make good dithers for the Rhads, but am
scared of them eating the eggs if Rhad eggs are small. I am not worried if
Rhad eggs are large, as these cats probably couldn't fit a Blue-eye egg in
their mouth even if they wanted to. What's your opinion on trying this?

Thanks! :-)
Julie <><

> Julie
> Rhads are less likely to eat fry than many others - they also are less
> likely to continue spawning week after week. The "colony" thing often
> haywire when the fry get large enough to start eating the newly hatched
> grow much more rapidly then.
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> > Thanks, Gary! :-)
> >
> > I actually do have a Daphnia culture going in a barrel outside, and can
> > still harvest a few here and there despite the cold. Soon it will be
> > again like mad and then the whole fishroom will get a treat!
> >
> > Those folks in the US keeping their Rhads at higher GH/KH... are they
> > getting fry?
> > And, once again, I am still curious as to your thoughts on whether or
> > you think I can get any fry in the tank vs having to use mops and pull
> egss,
> > etc. Some of my bows will make babies nicely in a colony setting (fry
> > born and raised up in the same tank as the parents) and some of them
> won't.
> > Heck! The Mel. pierruciae would frequently have small fry swimming in
> > them in the bare tank they were in. :-) The tris I have eat their young
> > even when in planted tanks. I was hoping the Rhads would be more like
> > pierruciae than tris.
> >
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