Re: [RML] Suitable tankmates for Pseudomugil signifier and Ps. cyanodorsalis

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signifers in fresh water - If you have the "standard" signifers they would
certainly do better in fresh water. However if you have the Ross River
signifers I strongly feel that they look better, breed longer and have
brighter colors in brackish, specifically 1.013. I've raised them with less
salt and the yellow/orange in the fins just isn't as bright. Sure they will
live under both conditions but if you do the experiment you'll find that
they look a lot better with more salt.

cyanos without salt - I've had people brag to me over the years what a great
looking plant tank they have and how wonderful it is. Reality is that the
Anacharis is barely growing and the "amazon swords" have see-thru yellow
leaves. My point - you may think that the cyanos look and feel good in all
freshwater but if you compare them side by side with a salted tank, well
there's no comparison. You might keep them going for a while by adding
coral to the tank to keep the water hard, low pH is a disaster for this
fish. They also don't put out very many eggs in low salt conditions. I've
seen a few people raising them with just a little bit of salt ~ 2
tablespoons/gallon in very hard Indy water, but they don't look very bright.
I think for the overall health, breeding and color brightness you should
really keep this fish at 1.013 or even higher at 3/4 seawater, 1.017. This
fish will tolerate full seawater so it could also be used as feeders for a
saltwater. When you get a small colony going under proper conditions you
will literally have hundreds of eggs per week they are so prolific.


gary lange

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>On the other hand, I can't imagine cyanodorsalis getting on well in fresh
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>> Hey,
>> A question from a newbie prettymuch summed up by the title. I look
>> forward
>> to any suggestions for appropriate brackish fish (I've got them right now
>> a
>> little on the fresh side at 1.013.)
>> Thanks in advance!
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