RE: [RML] Suitable tankmates for Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis

Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 08:42:36 +1100

There are other good tank mates for them but what is your problem with just
having a display of Pacific Blue-eyes?

Other species that they commonly co-exist with in NSW are Smelt, Glass
gobies, Duboulay's rainbowfish, Gambusia (unhappily), about 6 species of
gudgeon (particularly Empire), Nepean Herring, Bullrout, Long-fin Eel and
Australian Bass/Estuary Perch.
I didn't previously mention these because the first two are probably not
available to you and most of the rest make the blue-eyes nervous.
Some of these fish will go alright with blue-eyes in a large pond but I have
found that where I live blue-eyes are very effective predators of other
species eggs and fry.

Also signifers and cyanos may clash in another way. Pacific Blue-eyes (at
least those from NSW) are usually found in water considerably cooler than
the coolest water that cyanodorsalis would ever be found in. My Pacific
Blue-eyes stay active down to about 10 degrees C and seem to survive
sustained water temperatures down to at least 7 degrees C. A couple of weeks
of 30+ degrees C water leaves them looking a bit worse for wear but in
nature cyanodorsalis must spend most of their lives at these kinds of

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> So, it seems that signifiers and cyanos aren't good tankmates for each
> other. So, that leaves me with the question of who's a good tank mate for
> cyanos besides the glass perch. I figure (incorrectly?) that smaller
> peaceful freshwater fish will do well with the signifiers.
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