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Mon, 12 Mar 2001 06:57:58 +1000

Rhondas not the only one getting some, rain that is -

we had over 10 inches in a couple of hours Friday evening (once in a century
phenomenon, the weather bureau called it) so we found out about drainage and
leaks too.

Sadly a lad was drowned a few hundred metres from my place when his mothers
car was caught in the creek which flooded over the road. The same creek runs
through my backyard and flattened fences, devastated some of my garden and
generally made a pest of itself. The topsoil I had carefully spread over
the yard (about a quarter of an acre or so) is now in the creek. I hope the
fish enjoy it :-)

Bruce Hansen
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> Julie,
> Well I'm glad you got your sun. :) They did more work on the roof. The
> places it was leaking in before, it doesn't leak in anymore, except the
> stupid vent that has leaked ever since we had it put in. But... it
> leaked on the other side of the room this morning. I was up at 6 am
> putting buckets and old tanks under drips.