rain in the fish room was Re: the weather, was Re: [RML] hallllooo

Gupp (gupp at naturalaquariums.com)
Sat, 10 Mar 2001 20:02:28 -0700


Well I'm glad you got your sun. :) They did more work on the roof. The
places it was leaking in before, it doesn't leak in anymore, except the
stupid vent that has leaked ever since we had it put in. But... it
leaked on the other side of the room this morning. I was up at 6 am
putting buckets and old tanks under drips. This time the pudde was under
a small electric heater I'd put in the room to try to start spring a
little early this year. :)

I will be so glad when this roofing and remodling is done, though it
will probably be another 2 weeks at least. :(


bowluvr wrote:
> > I spent all day trying to keep yucky water, that
> > was going through my ceiling, out of my fish tanks and electrical
> > outlets. I was somewhat nervous when I was trying to unplug an extension
> > cord that had water running into the plug, while I was standing barefoot
> > in a puddle of water.
> Oy vei! (and it's not your spelling I am worried about right now)
> >From someone who is very glad you are not barbeque after all that.
> Julie <><
> PS: I am not sorry we had a couple of sunny days tho... just for the record.
> :-)