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Thu, 8 Mar 2001 08:06:47 -0800


Plants will make O2 bubbles when they are getting enough light and CO2.
However, after a water change, the bubbles are usually due to a de-gassing
of the new water that was put into the tank. It comes out of the tap under
pressure, and when the pressure is released (and it is churned up a bit by
the action of being squirted into the tank) the gas is "let go of" by the
water (so to speak) and the bubbles cling to every surface, including the
leaves of the plants. A good way to tell if it is de-gassing, and not the
plants making those bubbles, is to look at other surfaces in your tank. If
there are bubbles on the glass, rocks, equipment, fish, etc then it is
de-gassing. If the plants continue to have bubbles on them even the next
day, then they are producing CO2. :-)

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> Why do plant make bubbles after a water change
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