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Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Mon, 5 Mar 2001 11:27:02 +1100

In Sydney Effie Howe has found that P. signifer stop spawning in the middle
of summer. Aquarium subjects do the same thing in an unheated tank if you
add salt or not.

I have managed to get P. signifer to live to 4 years (up to their 4th
winter) but I have never managed to get them spawning once they are past
their second summer even though they continue to increase their fin length
and the males display to each other.

Blue-eyes from other parts of the country may respond differently.


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> My friend has some Ps. signifer. Up until Jan they were spawning
> regularly and he had collected a number of eggs. Then they just
> stopped. They are under a year of age.
> The temp is around 28 to 30 deg. C. His water is a bit soft but they
> were spawning well in it previously. He feeds flake, bbs, cyclops
> and other frozen foods.
> Who would like to volunteer a reason why they have just stopped
> spawning.
> Bye
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