Re: [RML] here's something to chew on

Dave & Robyn Wilson (rwilson at
Sat, 3 Mar 2001 06:41:09 +0930

>My friend has some Ps. signifer. Up until Jan they were spawning
>regularly and he had collected a number of eggs. Then they just
>stopped. They are under a year of age.
>The temp is around 28 to 30 deg. C. His water is a bit soft but they
>were spawning well in it previously. He feeds flake, bbs, cyclops
>and other frozen foods.
>Who would like to volunteer a reason why they have just stopped
>Tyrone Genade
>AKA 08248
>tyronegenade at

P.signifer venture into sea water occasionally, try some in brackish
water. I have seen huge schools of P.signifer in full marine water
in Currembene Creek which runs into Jervis Bay on the South Coast of
New South Wales. Has anyone else seen them in brackish?

Dave Wilson
Darwin NT where it is really wet.