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Taylor, Ralph (taylorr at
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:52:23 -0500

Jim, I can't help but would like to add my support to your quest for help.
I found six werneri at of all places a local fish store. T have never had
this species before and I know of no one who has. I also would appreciate
any help on sexing them, food preferences and breeding. They have such a
small mouth the only food that I can think of would be baby brine. Help
would be appreciated.
Ralph Taylor in Huntington WV.

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I sent this out a couple of days ago and got no feed back, also the list is
too quiet even when someone asked a fish question, so what's up here? ?
"A friend of mine from the TBAS asked me how long it takes for eggs to hatch
from the Iriatherina werneri, can anyone help on this one? " JiM C.