Re: [RML] *URGENT* Pending California Legislation

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:00:47 +1000

At 21:32 28/06/98 -1000, Mach wrote:
>Hi All,
> my wife got this off her parot mailing list. It may have very important
>implications for the killie and rainbowfish keepers in California. We hae
>simmilar things in place here in Hawaii and it makes it a PIA to try to
>import "new" species (If it is not on the approved list it is a "new" and
>illigal species).

Hi Mach, there was talk of this kind of restrictive legislation some years
ago when I was involved in the parrot scene, it only surprises me it took
this long. The tradition has only ever been more and more legislation,
more and more restrictive with each passing year.

Cheers, Andrew
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