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Fri, 26 Jun 1998 19:14:04 +1000

Bruce, which species have been caught with sharks?


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Date: Thursday, 25 June 1998 9:11
Subject: Re: [RML] Monodactylus argenteus

>Monos and Rainbows generally do well together - remember both species are
>schooling fish so will feel more secure if you have them in groups. I have
>found that Monos do better with 5 or more - as there tends to be a bit of
>bullying and numbers tend to spread the focus from the smallest. As they
>get bigger they tend to need more salt and try to keep some vegetable
>matter in their diet ( Rainbows like it too).
>They are generally very hardy and if they get cloudy eyes, white patches in
>the fins,go off their food or lose condition just add more salt and most
>times that seems to do the trick.
>Rainbows usually can take a lot of salt - some species even have been
>caught with sharks in the larger rivers of the north of Australia.
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>> Subject: [RML] Monodactylus argenteus
>> Date: Wednesday, 24 June 1998 18:54
>> HI!
>> Is someone familiar with the M. argenteus (Silver Batfish) and can tell
>me anything about it, I've read a bit on Adrian's page, but I want to know
>> Can I for example have it together with any rainbows, or will the water
>be too salt for them?
>> Can I lower the salinity so I can have them in the same tank?
>> What other fishes can be tankmates with the Mono?
>> Thanks,
>> Cecilia