Re: [RML] Help on packaging a mop

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 23:18:23 +1000


It depends how long the mops are going to be in transit, what time of the
year, whether they are newly laid etc

I have transported mops with and without water with good results. I think
controlling extremes of temperature and supplying enough oxygen are the
most important factors. If the eggs are unlikely to hatch during transit
then I suggest you shake the water out of the mops place them in a standard
fish plastic bag and seal with a rubber band and pack in a styro box. If
they might be likely to hatch along the way then ship with water as for
fish so the fry have something to swim in ;-)


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> Subject: [RML] Help on packaging a mop
> Date: Wednesday, 24 June 1998 23:14
> Could some of you rainbowfish elders shed some light on the best way to
> a mop? This would make a good FAQ somewhere.
> Thanks.
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