RE: [RML] fish/eggs from Australia to Europe

Harro.Hieronimus at
Tue, 23 Jun 98 19:47 +0100

Hi Effie,
> I have been asked a question by Pascal who is an ANGFA member from
>France. He is coming to Australia later this year and wants to know the
>requirements (customs regulations, forms required etc) for bringing rainbow
>fish and blue-eyes (fish and eggs) back to France. Is anyone able to help?

I'm from Germany, but that's also European Union. Under the common law it
is allowed to import any fish or fish parts - like eggs - if they are not listed in
the species protection convention. As the EU convention has taken over the
CITES list, there are no Australian fish except Neoceratodus and Scleropages
on this list. The worst thing which can happen that the French customs ask
him to have a veterinary look at the fish and declare they aren't ill. However,
that will surely happen in Germany sometimes, but I don't believe that happens
in France (we have a lot more bureaucracy).