Re: [RML] 'Snakey' Connieae

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 08:16:20 +1000


If only one is affected it probably isn't contagious - possibly damage to
the swim bladder. Sometimes this is from diseases such as TB but other
times it seems accidental. It is not curable and the affected fish should
be euthanised to be on the safe side


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From: Y Jasperson <jasperson at>
To: Rainbow Fish Mailing List <rainbowfish at>
Subject: [RML] 'Snakey' Connieae
Date: Saturday, 13 September 1997 19:57

Some of my sister's Connieae have started to swimming like they were a
lizard or snake swimming in the water. Does anyone know why this would
happen and is it fixable? The others swim with a firm body using their
fins and tails to manuever.