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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 13:25:54 +1000

One Doc to another

Welcome to the List and to keeping Rainbows. If what your LFS says is true
and that females are not available at the moment it is more likely that the
shop has had trouble selling the relatively plain females in the past so
has been in the habit of only buying the spectacular males or alternately
that the supplier has done likewise. Season availability also could relate
to fish raised outdoors in ponds rather than wild-caught.

If you mention your locality perhaps one of the listmembers near you can
help you out with spare females.

Virtually all Rainbows will cross in the artificiality of aquarium
existence so plan for that by having a separate tank for breeding, raising
etc and you can then keep a community of rainbows and select and spawn the
appropriate pairs in the second tank. You will need a separate tank anyway
if you really wish to breed.


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> From: zathras at
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: [RML] Seasonal boesemani
> Date: Saturday, 20 June 1998 9:57
> Hi!
> First time posting to the list. . . I'm a recent raibowfish owner,
> and I'm greatly enjoying these fish I had never heard of previous to
> last month.
> My question to you folks is this: I recently acquaired a pair of
> male boesemanis, and I was looking to obtain females as well, looking
> towards the possibility of eventually breeding them(I have no
> problems with space-I live two floors above a pet store, and they'll
> take any fish I can't keep myself, but I digress). I asked the said
> pet store to order a female for me, and their supplier said that they
> couldn't get any females until the fall (here in the USA, spring in
> Australia, I would imagine). This seeming seasonal availability
> indicates to me that my fish are captured from the wild, and not bred
> in captivity.
> Does this seem to be the case to you? If so, what are the pros and
> cons of taking in a wild boesemani? Is it more, or less, desireable
> than a captive-raised fish, or is it a little of both? Can you
> recommend other sources for a female boesemani?
> Also, can boesemani hybridize with other raimbows? I might want to
> put more than one type of rainbow in a tank, but I won't unless I am
> sure they won't hybridize. If I breed them, I obviously don't want
> mutts.
> Thanks in advance!
> -Doc