Re: [RML] Need help or Info on eggs

Jim Capelle (jcapelle at
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 21:53:17 -0400

Thank You. JiM C.

Mach T. Fukada wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> Nothobranchius, Pterolebias, Cynolebias, some Fundolopanchax, Rivulus,and
> Aphyosimions can be stored "dry". The last three require more moisture
> (incubated on moist peat). The Former three need to be stored in peat at
> about the wetness of pipe tobbacco. Each will develop in go into a
> dormancy when "dried" out. When water is added hatching starts at 30 min
> and continues for about 24 hours.
> I have also read that Pseudomugil gertrudae and P. mellis eggs can be
> stored simmilarly on some moist peat. I suspect that many other
> Pseudomugils can be treat in simmilar fashion.
> At 02:08 PM 6/15/98 -1000, you wrote:
> >Howdy Everyone!
> > I do hate to send out a mass mailing looking for some info, but I
> >did anyway.
> > A friend of mine, and he is my college Professor is looking for info
> >on a fish that eggs can be dried and then introduced to water and
> >hatched in 24 hours. Remember hearing of such eggs on a list in the
> >last week or so, ( I hope it wasn't the Singapore list which I stopped
> >two days ago). He is also looking at eggs that have a long embryo
> >stage. So far I suggested the Nothobranchius type Killies. I also
> >mentioned desert fish might fit the bill. He thought they may all be on
> >the endangered list. Any truth to that? JiM C.
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