Re: [RML] P.connieae/ fairy shrimp

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 07:39:45 +1000

Our old friend Gordon Hides had some once -

but I think it was after he refilled a dam. I don't think he was ever able
to keep them going

Rhonda's little experiment sounds like fun - good luck with it and please
let us know how it goes.


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> From: Rhonda Wilson <rhondawi at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: Re: [RML] P.connieae
> Date: Friday, 12 June 1998 3:11
> Adrian,
> According to the Golden Guide Pond Life book there are about 25 species
of fairy shrimp and
> brine shrimp are related.
> I have some dried mud from Mexico that has eggs in it. Also tadpole and
clam shrimp
> apparently. I got the mud through Peter, a friend of his had collected