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Adrian R. Tappin (atappin at
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:49:02 +1000

At 11:41 10/06/98 GMT, Cary wrote:

>I attempted to get some of these so called wild caught boesemani. On
>one attempt he was sold out and on the other he only had males left. I
>did have a friend in another state that managed to obtain some. He was
>able to breed them and pass on some offspring to me. The only thing I
>can go by is the appreance of these fish and they are the best looking
>boesemani I have seen in many years, and I believe they are wild
>caught. If they are not wild caught, then somebody has managed to
>breed back all the color that has faded in captive populations. A
>further note on the wild caught parents, they were in a number of
>aquarists hands and were very fragil. All the parents died with in 6
>months of obtaining them.

When I was in Europe I saw a lot of Boesemani in Zoo-Aquariums. It seemed
that all the Zoo Aquariums I visited had a display of Boesemani and Incisus
;-) One I visited (cant remember which) had Boesemani, Incisus and Bleheri.
However, all the Boesemani I saw were a different colour than the ones I've
seen here in Oz. The yellow/orange colouration was almost a red-tangerine
colour and the blue a real deep or royal (navy) blue. At first I thought it
might be diet but then all the Boesemani in Europe I saw were the same. I
think it is just the way the species has evolved there. They are certainly
very, very nice. The Wuppertal Zoo Aquarium is or was breeding hundreds of
these fish each year and most are being sold into the aquarium hobby. A
fellow in Switzerland buys most of them. Perhaps someone in the US has got
hold of the strain from Europe?

I never got any good close up photos of the Boesemani otherwise I would have
put them on my homepage. I have some slides of behind the scenes in
Wuppertal Zoo that I will have to convert to computer graphics and might be
able to show you all. They also had some of the most gorgeous Madagascar
rainbowfishes that I have ever seen Beautiful, Beautiful. I just wet myself
sitting in front of the tank ;-)

I don't doubt at all that wild-caught Boesemani were available at one time
from Indonesia. However, whether that's still the case I have no idea. At
the last 2 Aquaramas in Singapore I have been told that the Boesemani there
were a magnificent colour and nothing like you see these days in the hobby.
But then the Singaporeans are renown for their colour feeding so it may well
be just the diet.

I can post a couple of images to the list if you all like. There are not too
big 12 and 21KB. The photos are not that good, a little dark but it will
give you all some idea, particularly the photo of one of the Zoo aquariums.

Adrian R. Tappin
"Home of the Rainbowfish"