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Got this and not sure if there are any implications for us fish people, but
it might.


I don't know how this applies to you & your fish friends....but I thought
you might find it interesting.

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The Sun Herald 7/6/98
Sydney Australia

Reporter Fia Cummins
A major senate inquiry into commercial use of Australian wildlife is
likely to recommend that export controls on native birds and fauna be
The inquiry, due to report later this month, is sure to ignite debate
about the best way to control fauna smuggling, as well as the use of
kangaroos, oppossums and emus for meat.
It is likely to recommend that export bans be lifted for the first time,
but only for birds and animals which are bred in captivity.
Evidence put to the inquiry suggested that captive breeding and overseas
breeding could assist conservation by reducing the market for smuggled
birds, reptiles and, less often animals.
Committee chairman John Woodley siad the report had not been completed
but would be monumental and controversial.
Senator Woodley said the committee was still considering all the
evidence but the export question was one of the issues that would be
Export of captive bred animals was being considered.
"In terms of evidence we heard, thats the way the argument is going, but
at this stage I need to review the evidence" he said.
Reptile expert and author of two books on wildlife smuggling, Raymond
Hoser, said he would be delighted if the committee recommended that
exports be allowed.
Mr Hoser said the best system would be to apply a hefty tax on each
animal sent out of Australia to ensure that the trade was kept at a low
Overseas owners would then look after their exotic Australian animals
and attempt to breed them, he said.
"The only way to stop the corruption and cruelty is legalising exports"
he said.

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