Re: [RML] Beginner needs advise

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 22:50:59 +1000

At 22:41 10/06/98 +1000, Dr Bruce wrote:
>Cary's remark about the wild-caught Boesmani dying early reminded me of a
>conversation I had with a chap who was friends with one of Heiko's breeders
>in Europe. Apparently this fellow was of the opinion that many of the wild
>fish had very little resistance to the common diseases that occur in our
>aquaria and succumb easily to them despite treatment with 'standard" cures.
>He based this opinion on his experience with the fish from the Triton Lakes

Makes sense to me, Bruce :)

If the experience of reptile breeders is anything to go on... we humans
have an equally as rigourous yet different in method style of selecting for
survivors in the animals we take from the wild... after a couple of
generations, generally speaking, we have selected for those specimens who
are able to survive our keeping methods.

St Peter of the Desert (Goby) may wish to add something, or make a
refutation ;)

Cheers, Andrew

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