Re: [RML] Ross River blueeyes

Adrian R. Tappin (atappin at
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 10:21:51 +1000

At 20:15 8/06/98 +0100, Harro wrote:
>Hi out there,
>what temperature and how many salt would you recommend
>for the Ross River blue-eyes?

Just for you Harro, I have tested the water conditions for my current stock
of T'ville Blue-eyes.

First a little history. These fish are all wild-collected by Roy Hunter on
his previous (not this year) trip to Australia so they must be at least 18
months old? The group consists of 8 males and 20 females. The largest male
would be 6.5 cm TL and about 1.5 cm deep. The females are all around 4-5 cm TL.

They have been maintained since I first obtained them in a 24x18x15 (inches)
aquarium, completely bare except for a small box filter filled with gravel
and situated on the bottom shelf about 6 inches above the floor of my
fishroom. They receive 50% water changes each week (well almost) and are fed
on a small pellet and flake food. During the time I have had them I have
only lost one male who developed an eye infection from what cause I don't
know. I have maintained them all this time in straight tap water (no added
salt). I generally test the pH fairly regularly and add a KH powder because
the pH tends to fall into the 6's. This product is manufactured by
Aquasonics and sold mainly for use in marine set-ups. I don't know what it
consists of because it doesn't tell me on the label. It just says Carbonate
Hardness Generator: Directions=40 grams/1000L raises the KH value of water
by approx. 20 ppm. I usually just toss in a couple of teaspoons.

Current water condition tested this morning were pH 7.8, Temp.20C, Cond.
388 uS, GH 140ppm, KH 40ppm. The tank is unheated and currently the
temperature range of my fishroom is 19-24C. Water changes slower than air
so I suspect the mean temperature of the tank would be around 21-22C.
This morning I collected 27 eggs in 2 mops that are provided in the tank so
obviously they will spawn under these conditions.

The exchange water (tap) was also tested after aeration and it was pH 7.8,
Temp. 21C, Cond. 320 uS, GH 120 ppm, KH 50 ppm.

I know some (many) people recommend the addition of salt to their water and
they get good results however, as I have often said it is not necessary,
they will do fine in straight fresh water. I know they don't like acid water
and react badly when the pH plummets.

Feeling a little guilty because I haven't really been too worried about
breeding them I have decided to investigate this matter a little further and
I have this morning moved them into a newly established tank 36x18x15
(inches) and will see what eggs I collect then will add some salt and see if
it improves their performance.


Adrian R. Tappin
"Home of the Rainbowfish"