Re: [RML] Beginner needs advise

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 08:15:27 +1000

If I remember there was also a suggestion at the time that the importer
wanted to buy fish from John in massive numbers ( such as 10,000 to 20,000
of each species at a time) for under $1 each for sexable/coloured maturity
sizes. Apparently he was getting the wild-caught Boesmani offered to him in
these numbers


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> -> Actually, I have heard that there are wild caught Boesemani being
> -> exported out of Indonesia. Last year I believe that John Doley was
> -> given some information from a Canadian importer that he could buy
> -> wild caught Boesemani for US$1.00 each.
> -> There are also the occasional collection of PNG rainbowfishes by
> -> collectors so yes, maybe they are wild-caught. One can never be too
> -> what happens in this game. The old adage, Where there is a will (or
> -> Dollar) there is a way ;-)
> -> Adrian.