Cecilia WESTER (cicci.wester at swipnet.se)
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 09:45:45 +0200


Can someone tell the european time also?
I´m sitting in Sweden.

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Från: Andrew Boyd <andrew at pcug.org.au>
Till: rainbowfish at pcug.org.au <rainbowfish at pcug.org.au>
Datum: den 9 juni 1998 01:57
Ämne: RE: [RML] #RML

>Hi Stephen, yes, it is a bizarre Aussie time, lunchtime on a Saturday here
>- it equates to Friday evening in the USA, which explains why most of the
>regulars are Americans (or American residents anyhow ;) ).
>Could a couple of the US regulars please let Stephen know what time they
>usually go on? Maybe they could (please) repeat that info here so that I
>can update the (unofficial) #rml webpage with the new time(s).
>An equally unofficial disclaimer: like this mailing list, the IRC channel
>#rml is made up of people who keep fish but do not always want to talk
>about fish, it is more lighthearted and spammy as befits the medium
>(although those of you that wanted to know the secret of breeding Ps.
>mellis may have wanted to be there for what Cary had to say on Saturday)
>Cheers, Andrew
>On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Stephen Boulet-CSB046 wrote:
>> By the way, are these things regularly scheduled? And is it at some
>> Australian time? :)
>> -- Stephen