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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 08:02:55 +1000

Yeah Klaus

It's a bit like the old hangover theory - You feel so good when you go to
bed and so lousy when you wake up, and the only thing that happens
inbetween is sleep. So the obvious solution is not to sleep and keep
drinking and you will continue to feel great ;-)

Besides, ask any regular Bundy drinker, you can never have one too many,
only not quite enough ;-)


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> From: Adrian R. Tappin <atappin at>
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> Subject: Re: [RML] Here is that addie
> Date: Wednesday, 3 June 1998 5:59
> You see Segeberger, it affect you that way after a while. You have to
> drinking it though otherwise it gets the best of you ;-)
> At 10:15 2/06/98 GMT, you wrote:
> > I guess I had one too many Bundabergs...