Re: [RML] Ceriodaphnia

Chen Leong (cleong at
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 13:52:33 +1000

At 22:16 30/05/98 GMT, Klaus wrote:

>Hi I have them ...they are really small and prone to crashing if over
>fed. they make an excellent food though and do fairly well in containers
>even as small as a gallon. I use greenwater as food and there is a
>culture method for them written by Cal Him of Canada in one of he killi
>specialty emags. I don't have the url handy at them moment but I will
>look it up and let you know where it is.

I have been culturing daphnia by using a liquid food, which I made up from
a recipe off the Live Foods mailing list. I use Gram flour (or chick pea
flour), and mix up a small spoon of this flour with some water. I then add
this liquid to the culture until the water turns slightly cloudy. When the
water in the culture clears in a few days, add a little bit more of this
liquid. I have been using this "food" with great success compared with
green water, and have found that a culture can multiply relatively quickly.
The other added benefit over green water is that I can see the daphnia to
pick out the smaller ones to feed my bow fry.


Chen Leong