[RML] Rainbowfish CD

Adrian Tappin (atappin at ecn.net.au)
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 05:49:05 +1000

Rainbowfishes - Their Care & Keeping in Captivity


RAINBOWFISHES ~ Their Care and Keeping in Captivity is an indispensable
reference manual for anyone interested in keeping rainbowfishes in
captivity. Detailed, easy to follow sections guide the reader through all
aspects of the hobby. The captive requirements of keeping rainbowfishes are
described, and a section on breeding and fry raising will prove valuable
for the serious keeper. The most common diseases of rainbowfishes are
discussed together with suggested methods of prevention and treatment.

Further sections are devoted to live foods and their culture, water
chemistry, ponds, aquatic plants, and specific information on every
rainbowfish species described to date. Includes more than 450 colour
images, easy-to-use navigation tools, full word search, and much, much more.

Aquarists and intended rainbowfish keepers will want to own a copy of this
indispensable guide, while anyone interested in rainbowfishes will enjoy
the general information and the outstanding photography of GŁnther Schmida
and Neil Armstrong, two of Australia's foremost rainbowfish photographers.

International: A$30.00 (Including Airmail Postage & Packing)
Australia: A$25.00 (Including Postage & Packing)
Special bulk rates for Resellers and Aquarium Societies.