[RML] Allen & Cross

Scott Davis (unclescott at prodigy.net)
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 09:15:10 -0500

Recently a friend mentioned an on-line service to search out book titles.
I'm sure that there are several. However www.abebooks.com listed two copies
of the 1982 Allen & Cross TFH book on rainbows.

I believe a listmember here was looking for them. Both of the dealers, if I
recall were in Oz.

abebooks has a search engine which is a little particular. Allen or Gerald
Allen will get a very different list of hits from Gerald R. Allen. Likewise
I found some works with keywords related to the one which I originally
thought would be effective, so a little word play may be necessary.

I hope this is a use to those looking for Allen's (and other) books.

All the best!