Re: [RML] M. preacox fry death

Tyrone (12860379 at
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 10:43:16 +0200


In response to Gary

> Since you mentioned that you also raised killifish, at what temperature
> did you attempt to raise up these fry?

The temp of the tank is 27 deg C. The same temp I bred them at.
The killies are generally kept cooler.

> After the fry started dying did
> you ever test the water for ammonia buildup. I stoped using the liquid
> fry on rainbowfish some 15 years ago because it mainly sinks and the
> rainbowfry are at the surface for the first few days when it's most
> critical. That stuff just ended up fouling the water. That could
> possibly be the cause for the slow die off.

Firstly, there was no slow die off. One evening they were there,
the next they were gone. +/- 100 fry gone.
At this time I was adding 2 drop of liquifry every other day. The
tank was well astablished with Java moss and Lemna minor. The
liquifry was to culture the protozoa etc... If it was ammonia (which I
doubt) the parents didn't seem to be effected.

Wright replied, suggesting velvet. A few weeks prior to the praecox
incident I lost 200+ dwarf gourami fry. Also very rapidly, over 3
This thought crossed my mind and I've already been adding salt to
the tank. So far there have been no additional die offs among the
surviving fry.
I'm going to set up the spawning tank again, this time with some
salt after first dosing the tank with malachite green to KILL the
remainng velvet.

Has anyone got any advice on spawning G. incus?
Also, do their colours fade with decreasing pH? I did a water
change last Friday. For the whole evening he was an unbelievable
luminous red. This has now faded again. He is +/- 10cm long. Other
males I've seen his size were a constant scarlet red; how ever I
noticed that they were kept in hard alkaline water. My fish is
presently in a mixed community tank with soft water and a low pH.




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