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Tyrone, I have had similar happenings to what you describe. I think that
usually the older/ larger fry eat the smaller individuals. It is very
difficult to feed praecox fry as they are top feeders and are also quite
small. When several fry are noticed floating at the top I usually scoop
them out with a plastic up and place them in a different tank by themselves.
By doing this I now have several nice young almost old enough to breed or
share etc.
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I'm new to rainbowfish.
To date I have kept M. boesmani, preacox and what looks like
splendidiae inornata as well as G. incus.
I have 8 boesmani youngsters coming along and the inornata fry I
have are already on BS.
My problem is the preacox. My pr produces as much as 40 fry per
week but to dat I have raized 9. I've had them since Jan. 4 of the
nine are adults while the other 5 are still small.
At one stage I had almost 100 fry with the parents. They all
disappearred over night. I thought the parents may of eaten them
but they have not repeated this.
Even with the parents removed the fry still die off. It is a well
astablished tank with Java moss etc... I also suplement with
and vinegar eels. There is no shortage of food. They just die.

Has any one else experianced this? Have any solutions been

Being a killifish fanatic I'm used to "difficult" fish but normally
once I
have the fry there are no problems.

I'm also having a problem with my incus eating their eggs but I
I will have that problem solved next time I try.




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