[RML] M. preacox fry death

Tyrone (12860379 at narga.sun.ac.za)
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 11:59:12 +0200


I'm new to rainbowfish.
To date I have kept M. boesmani, preacox and what looks like
splendidiae inornata as well as G. incus.
I have 8 boesmani youngsters coming along and the inornata fry I
have are already on BS.
My problem is the preacox. My pr produces as much as 40 fry per
week but to dat I have raized 9. I've had them since Jan. 4 of the
nine are adults while the other 5 are still small.
At one stage I had almost 100 fry with the parents. They all
disappearred over night. I thought the parents may of eaten them
but they have not repeated this.
Even with the parents removed the fry still die off. It is a well
astablished tank with Java moss etc... I also suplement with liquifry
and vinegar eels. There is no shortage of food. They just die.

Has any one else experianced this? Have any solutions been

Being a killifish fanatic I'm used to "difficult" fish but normally once I
have the fry there are no problems.

I'm also having a problem with my incus eating their eggs but I think
I will have that problem solved next time I try.




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