[RML] Aquascaping Showcase

Adrian Tappin (atappin at ecn.net.au)
Tue, 27 Jul 1999 05:35:08 +1000

Forwarded message for anyone interested?

>My name is James Purchase, I am an aquarist living in Toronto, Ontario,
>Canada. I am an active member of the Aquatic Gardeners Association and a
>long time participant in the online mailing list Aquatic Plants Digest, as
>well as a long time fan of Rainbowfish.
>I am currently acting as co-ordinator of the AGA International Aquascaping
>Showcase & Contest. This event will be unique in the fact we shall invite
>participation from aquarists from all parts of the world who are interested
>in Aquascaping. It is more than a local or regional "fish show" or
>"contest" - it is being planned as a review and showcase of Aquascaping
>practices worldwide. All submitted entries shall be placed on a web-site and
>available as a resource to aquarist everywhere.
>Currently in the planning stages, the organizers of this event recognize
>that participation from aquarists in all countries will be necessary to
>ensure that everyone has a chance to provide input and make suggestions
>which would be appropriate for their special needs. I invite you to visit
>our preliminary web-site
>(http://www.interlog.com/~jpurch/webs/aga-contest/home.htm) and review our
>progress to date. We have a mailing list discussion group, the archives of
>which are located at (http://lists.thekrib.com/aga-contest/). Any interested
>party may join the discussion by e-mailing me and requesting to be placed on
>our roster.
>If you or any other aquarists you know in Australia might like to join with
>us in organizing this event, please feel free to pass this message and the
>web-site address on to them.
>Yours truly,
>James Purchase
>Toronto, Ontario, Canada
>Co-Ordinator, AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest

Adrian R. Tappin
Brisbane, Australia.
"Home of the Rainbowfish"