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Thanks Chen

It is great to be able to confirm that G. wanamensis is not yet extinct in
the wild. Although it is also obvious that with the Tilapia, Carp and
Gambusia still there in the lake that the future of the species is still

Some will say that Heiko was crying "wolf" when he voiced his concerns for
wanamensis but it would be very hard for one man to survey a lake in a few
hours and not miss pockets of fish here and there. The fact that they are
now there in good numbers could be due to many factors and 2 that I have
heard advanced are

1. The recent severe drought lowered the water levels and isolated pockets
of fish and the rainbows were more able to withstand the exposure to
predators and altered water conditions
2. there are more people living on the lake now and catching the larger
Tilapia and carp for food and so reducing the breeding population of these

It will be interesting to hear from Barry via FOS


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> As the list has been fairly quiet of late, I thought this might be of
> interest to list members ....
> You may recall that some time ago, it was announced that Heiko Bleher had
> visited Lake Wanam (in 1995 ?) and was only able to collect a few
> of the Wanam rainbow. As a result of this announcement, Barry Crockford
> a team to PNG last month to survey the lake.