[RML] Wanamensis - Extinct in the Wild ? (Revisited)

Chen Leong (leongchen at hotmail.com)
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 19:42:12 PDT

As the list has been fairly quiet of late, I thought this might be of
interest to list members ....

You may recall that some time ago, it was announced that Heiko Bleher had
visited Lake Wanam (in 1995 ?) and was only able to collect a few specimens
of the Wanam rainbow. As a result of this announcement, Barry Crockford led
a team to PNG last month to survey the lake. Barry and Matt Vincent (one of
the team members) presented a talk/slide show at last Friday night's ANGFA
Vic regional meeting on their trip. Whilst not wanting to preempt whether
an article on this field trip will be forthcoming in a future issue of FOS,
the results of the survey were very interesting. In short, the team was
able to collect quite a few specimens of Wanamensis during the 3 days of
netting. On the 3rd day, they removed 90 odd specimens and relocated these
to several sites in or around Lae.

There are some concerns regarding the future of the Wanamensis in the wild,
and also several theories as to why there were few specimens collected by
Heiko in 1995, however, I will leave these to be covered in FOS (if an
article is written).



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