Re: [RML] What´s wrong with my praecox? & book

H. Hoekstra (hugo at
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 02:17:05 +0100

On 13-Jul-99, Adrian Tappin wrote:
>At 07:11 13/07/99 +0100, you wrote:

>>That's odd, sorry to hear about your praecox Olle. I wonder too how they
>>react to higher temperatures ? Because yesterday hysteria spread among
>>my praecox, just 1 had it's normal behaviour, the rest was hiding on the
>>bottom between plants and caves, I couldn't even find them. They panicked
>>with every movement. All other fish were fine. The water temp has reached
>>27 C (normally between 24-25 degrees, the last couple of weeks 26) so I
>>did an extra water change which lowered the temperature to 26 degrees again.
>>They slowly came out with feeding time... Today all but one are in panic
>>mode again (temperature still 26°) I have absolutely no clue what's going
>>The tank is pretty stable and nothing has changed in months. I do a 30%
>>water change weekly. So is it the temperature ? I didn't think that 27° is
>>that high ?

>I have kept Praecox at temperatures as high as 28-32C during our summer
>months without any problems. However, they always seemed to be "flighty"
>when anyone approached the tank. I kept them in a tank that was reasonably
>well-planted, and yet a friend of mine kept his in a bare tank and they use
>to be at the front of the tank all the time?

>The other possibly cause could be velvet infection which often appears at
>higher than normal temperatures. Velvet is also very difficult to see on
>them - generally, the only way to tell sometimes is by abnormal behaviour?

'Tanks' for your reply Adrian :). My praecox are in a densely planted tank
and were always at the front, they used to be so tame I could hand feed them.
At the moment the situation hasn't changed - they come out and eat at feeding
time but on other times when I walk past the tank they now bump into the glass
when they used to follow me around to beg for food. You must be right on top
with the velvet, I noticed couple of guppies scratching, time to treat the
whole tank I think :(. I am absolutely clueless how this could happen other
than the temperature being 2 degrees C higher than normal.

And Harro, do you have a webpage for your book or can you email me some more
info about it ?

Take care,