list commands, was:Re: [RML] RE:

Renate Husmann (rhusmann at
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 18:58:46 GMT


>> Could one failure have anything to do with the fact that Renate found
>> something like five creatively different ways to spell "(un)subscribe" in
>> one short note? (^_^)
ROFL. I don't think so. It's like Peter said - I used the list
commands like suggested on this list's home page.

We'ld have a footer with a short note about list commands like:
* to unsubcribe mail to ..., empty subject, UNSUBSCRiBE in the body *
... or an updated list homepage. I'm the menber of a german mailing list
that has a form for list commands.

The reason why all of you received my email to Monty is my old but
handy CompuServe mail reader. It recognizes sender adresses, but not
reply-to adresses. Sorry.

AFAIR the list owner doesn't read this list unfortunately. I'll
forward it to him.