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Gary Lange (gwlange at
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 21:19:59 -0500

but that request was supposed to go to:

majordomo at not the other address that you stated below. I don't
know how long ago it was but it was changed to the "tip" address. Please
note that at least one of the people that had requested a subscribe the
other day still isn't on the list. If he is having the same trouble with
""" where we were told to send people for subscribe now, not then he is having the same trouble. So which is it, do we,
outside of Oz send to majordomo at or to Majordomo at ??

Gary Lange
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Date: Monday, July 12, 1999 10:45 PM
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>Who command worked ok from Majordomo at
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>> Hi guys,
>> Can I ask someone a favour? Someone outside the pcug/ domain
>> having trouble accessing majordomo commands at the server here.. Can
>> someone who is not a PCUG(ACT) or AUUG member please try doing a "who
>> rainbowfish" and let me know if it comes back with the list of
>> to the list?
>> Please don't include majordomo's reply to the list if successful, just
>> me know, I'll take your word for it :)
>> Cheers, Andrew
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