[RML] Re: [RML] What´s wrong for my praecox?

Bruce Hansen (bruceh at powerup.com.au)
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 07:15:47 +1000

Hello Olle

Sudden death is always difficult to comment on. My best guess is "fright and
flight'' causing them to dash into the glass leading to death by concussion.
Some species seem to be more susceptible as well as some individuals within
each school.

Perhaps Praecox do prefer slightly cooler temperatures since they come from
the smaller more shaded jungle streams but I doubt that even 30 C would be
too hot for them. Perhaps they were disturbed by external vibration or noise
or another inhabitant of the tank ? Just watch the others carefully for a
few days for diseases such as whitespot and velvet which can cause them to
dash around. Have you changed anything in the tank recently or added any new


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> This morning I found two Melanotaenia praecox males dead in my community