Re: [RML] Whatīs wrong for my praecox?

H. Hoekstra (hugo at
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 19:11:00 +0100

On 13-Jul-99, Lars-Olof Arvids wrote:
>This morning I found two Melanotaenia praecox males dead in my community
>aquarium (165 litres). I have not seen anything wrong with them before and
>there was no damages on bodies or fins. Are they sensitive for high
>temperatures (27-28 C now in summer) or do anyone have any other idea of
>what it can be? I bougth them last autumn, so I donīt think they were much
>more then one year old. I changed 1/3 of the water about two weeks ago, and
>today I have done so again. The other praecox (one male and four females)
>seems to be healthy, and the fry (about 40 one month old) in a 65-litre
>aquarium also look good.


That's odd, sorry to hear about your praecox Olle. I wonder too how they
react to higher temperatures ? Because yesterday hysteria spread among
my praecox, just 1 had it's normal behaviour, the rest was hiding on the
bottom between plants and caves, I couldn't even find them. They panicked
with every movement. All other fish were fine. The water temp has reached
27 C (normally between 24-25 degrees, the last couple of weeks 26) so I
did an extra water change which lowered the temperature to 26 degrees again.
They slowly came out with feeding time... Today all but one are in panic
mode again (temperature still 26°) I have absolutely no clue what's going on.
The tank is pretty stable and nothing has changed in months. I do a 30%
water change weekly. So is it the temperature ? I didn't think that 27° is
that high ?