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Tue, 21 Jul 1998 19:03:10 +0200

Andrew Boyd schrieb:
> On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, HH wrote:
> > really wellknown after the Italian Seveso catastrophy, are not away from
> our
> > environment. They are produced in many cases if plastics, especially PVC,
> but
> > also a lot of others, are burned. However, they aren't the most poisonous
> toxic
> > ingredients in the world. This is Toxinum Botulinum, which is also known as
> > ptomaine. As botulism the result is known in animals and men, but this is
> so
> > little (it's measured in nanograms or picograms) that you may survive.
> Hi Harro, if I rememvber rightly Botulin is the most toxic naturally
> occuring substance, but that it was rivaled in the overall nastiness
> stakes by plutonium, which is not naturally occuring except in outback
> South Australia.
> Many cases of PCB toxicity exist, the lucky ones only got a nasty case of
> acne...
> Cheers, Andrew

No, Plutonium is very toxic, but acute toxicity is larger in Botuline.
To kill somebody with Plutonium within short time takes a larger dose.
Nevertheless, a single atom of Plutonium in the air you breath may cause lung
cancer! Botuline will kill you within a few days or hours, Plutonium takes some
time more, but is safer if you want to kill somebody :-)

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