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Fri, 17 Jul 1998 08:49:33 +1000

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Date: Friday, 17 July 1998 7:24
Subject: [RML] Empire Gudgeon Fry

Hi Mach,

> anyone know if empire gudgeons are seasonal? Or is it possible to induce
>spawning off season by manipulation of temperature, food, or day length?

I suspect you could get a pair to spawn regularly by mimicing an Australian
Spring or Summer: 12-16 hours daylight, water temps 20 - 30 degrees celcius
and plenty of good food.

I was never sure how many times or how often a single female spawned, as I
had many pairs in the one tank. I was able to get several spawnings in one
year though, including some in winter. The tanks was part of a recirc-system
maintained as above.

Congratulations on the success. The rest should be (relatively) easy.


Rob Wager

>The reason I am asking is that the people fooling around with them have
>kept the larvae/fry going and now they are eating baby brine shrimp. They
>want to get more to try it again and see if their protocol can be
>replicated. Apparently, they get started off on aged greenwater, followed
>by enriched marine rotifer, and currently enriched brineshrimp napuli. It
>looks good I think 2000-3000 have made it so far. Any info would be
>greatly apreciated to continue this work.
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