[RML] SPAM: African Cichlids

Andrew Boyd (andrew at pcug.org.au)
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 19:21:12 +1000

Can anyone help this guy? Sorry for the spam, and reply direct to him, he is
not a listmember.

Regards, Andrew

>Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 09:39:51 +1000
>X-Sender: gklinber at hydrology.ecowise.com.au
>To: Andrew at pcug.org.au
>From: Glen Klinberg <GKlinberg at ecowise.com.au>
>Subject: Fish Club
>Hello Andrew,
> I found your home page on the Net when i was looking around
>for some information on Tropheus Moorii. I have just recently purchased 6 of
>these unique fish ( Tropheus Moorii "Brabant Fire Cracker" )(This the Orange
>Morph). I was just wondering if you or any one in the club has had these
>fish or even better breed them. If you have any information could you please
>contact me.
> I have been into fish for about 3 years now. I started with a
>tropical community tank ( 3 foot). After about 6 months i realised African
>Cichlids offered a far greater challenge and looked much better. I'v kept
>electric Yellows, Blues, Aul.Baenschi, Cyr.Moorii, Hap.Electra,
>Pse.Lombardi, Lab.Trewavasae, Mel.Auratus. I got rid of all of these
>recently and got the T.moorii. I'm keeping the T.moorii in my 5f*18"*18".
>I'v got about 20 Red top Afras in my other 2.5f*18"*18". I need to get ride
>of the Afras if you can help?
> I did find some good info at the Petsforum.com Cichlidroom. This is
>a great home page !
> So if you can help me with any other info i would be grateful.
>Thank you
>Glen Klinberg
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