Re: [RML] Looking for Peter Unmack!

Helen.Larson at
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:27:16 +0930

He was here last week (Mon-Tues) visiting the fish collection, looking
at FW fish and FW fish data. He was staying with his parents, and they
were all driving back down to Adelaide (I think) but don't remember
when he said they were leaving the NT. There were several other fish
people visitng here at the same time, so my recollection of some of
Peter's conversation is somewhat hazy.



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Subject: [RML] Looking for Peter Unmack!
Author: rainbowfish-owner at at SMTP
Date: 7/31/97 9:51 AM

Hi Guys,

does anyone have Peter Unmack staying with them at the present?

I need to contact him urgently re the next ANGFA (ACT) General Meeting
Due to be held August 7.

I understand he may be out in the field somewhere and thus
uncontactable, but any help in locating him asap would be appreciated.

---- merlin at &

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