[RML] (SPAM) IRC #rml

Merlin (merlin at macrae.com.au)
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 10:24:07 +1000

Hi guys/gals.

Just a short note to let all subscribers know that the new IRC channel #rml
(last Saturday my time) <g> was a success.

When I logged on I found Cary there ready and waiting for a chat, we were
soon joined by Andrew Boyd, Tim Ayers, Julie and Rhonda. I cant remember if
anyone else logged on, and if they did please accept my apologies for my
lack of memory.

We do not have this channel registered yet, I am working on that. However
we can at least get Ops this way and have "Control" over OUR channel. :)

Talk to you all later,

merlin at mail.macrae.com.au

http://www.pcug.org.au/~aford & http://www.pcug.org.au/~aford/angfa.htm

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