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>Every time I delete rainbowfish list menages from my computer I wonder about
>the information content of such a rainbow fish FAQ list.
>I wonder if some one has kept rainbowfish list messages for a long time.
>How long has this list been in existence. If such a rainbow fish
>archive does exist how many mega bite is it.
>There is a wonderful search program called "AltaVista Search Personal
>This is a "dictionary" type of search engine. That is after the dictionary is
>created from all the words in a local hard drive, word searches over the
>entire data base, which could be huge, are almost instantaneous.
>Evaluation trial copies of this program were free downloads.

DEC publicity on eXtension follows:

MAYNARD, Mass., January 22, 1997 -- Digital Equipment Corporation's
AltaVista Internet Software subsidiary today announced the
availability of AltaVista Search Intranet Private eXtension (PX) for
Microsoft Windows NT -- a new business solution that makes finding
valuable information on corporate intranets faster and easier than
ever before. AltaVista Search Intranet PX uses the same powerful
indexing technology that powers the award-winning AltaVista Search
service on the World Wide Web, extending users' search capabilities
from the Web to their private intranet domain.

AltaVista Search Intranet PX indexes and locates data on Web
servers behind corporate firewalls and selected Internet Web
servers, dramatically increasing business users' productivity.
Authorized users access AltaVista Search Intranet Private eXtension
from their desktops using any popular Web browser, including
Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator.

"As companies expand their use of intranet technology to help
them compete in today's global business environment, instant access
to information is critical to achieving success," said Ilene H.
Lang, president and CEO of AltaVista Internet Software. "The
comprehensive Web search and retrieval capabilities provided by
AltaVista Search Intranet PX gives companies a distinct competitive
edge. This is a powerful example of AltaVista OnSite Computing --
allowing people access to the information they need, from any
location, at any time."

AltaVista Search Intranet PX crawls all of the Web servers
throughout the business enterprise, indexing every word on every Web
page on the private intranet and selected World Wide Web sites. A
listing of search results is available in seconds, with each listed
item hyperlinked directly to the referenced intranet or Internet
source. Future versions of AltaVista Search Intranet PX will
support many popular office applications, such as word processing
documents, presentation files, spreadsheets and e-mail messages.
A Software Developers Kit with an Application Programming Interface
will be available in a later release to enable database indexing.

System Requirements and Pricing

AltaVista Search Intranet Private eXtension runs on Intel and
AlphaServer platforms running Windows NT. A version is also
available for AlphaServer systems running Digital UNIX. Minimum
server recommendations include 64 MB RAM and 1 GB of swap space.
Pricing starts at $15,999 for the AltaVista Search Intranet PX
server license, and ranges to $49,999 for the AltaVista Search
Intranet XL PX server license. Both server licenses accommodate
250 user licenses. Extra blocks of 250-user licenses are $5,999.
An unlimited user license is priced at $34,000.


A free 60-day evaluation version of AltaVista Search Intranet
Private eXtension is available today for download from the AltaVista
Software World Wide Web site at

AltaVista Search Intranet PX software is also available through
resellers, catalog vendors, ISPs, VARs, and directly from Digital
Equipment Corporation. A list of AltaVista Business Partners is
available at

AltaVista OnSite Computing solutions provide secure, simple and
direct access to information and people over the Internet and
private intranets. AltaVista Search, Directory, Tunnel, Firewall,
Forum and Mail products give users a competitive edge, enabling
productive business to take place from anywhere. Further information
on AltaVista OnSite Computing is available at, or by calling 1-800-336-7890.

Digital Equipment Corporation is a world leader in open client/
server solutions from personal computers to integrated worldwide
information systems. Digital's scalable Alpha and Intel platforms,
storage, networking, software and services, together with industry-
focused solutions from business partners, help organizations compete
and win in today's global marketplace.

Note to Editors: Digital, the Digital logo, AlphaServer and
AltaVista are trademarks of Digital Equipment
Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trademark
and Windows NT is a trademark of Microsoft
Corporation. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corp.
UNIX is a registered trademark in the United
States and other countries, licensed exclusively
through X/Open Company Ltd. Netscape and Netscape
Navigator are trademarks of Netscape
Communications Corporation All other trademarks
are property of their respective owners.


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