[RML] lurker intro,

John Grylls (jgrylls at bendigo.net.au)
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 03:23:35 GMT

Hello all,
I am a longtime lurker who has decided to come out of the cupboard.
I have been an ANGFA member from the beginning, but being somewhat
furtive and living in Bendigo I have not made much contact with the
other Vic. members as Melbourne is too far away to attend meetings
Some twenty years ago I was keeping and breeding cichlids both
neotropical and African, but I have greatly reduced the number of
tanks, and now I only keep a few rainbows.

I currently have two four foot tanks, one contains what I believe are
Running Creek tri's and the other contains a dozen M. praecox, both
have a few bristlenose cats. Whenever numbers get down I raise some
fry in some small tanks as replacements.
As the tank with the praecox is well understocked at the moment I
thought that I might add some P. signifer and some T. ocellicauda, is
this a good idea?

Are there any Victorians on the list with fish to sell/swap?

John Grylls