Re: [RML] (RML) Mnimum Temperatures

Chris Howe (c_howe at
Fri, 25 Jul 1997 11:10:43 +1000

A couple of years ago we found a M eachamensis in an outside pond in
Sydney in winter. We'd left him behind by accident on moving them indoors
for winter. From memory, the water was 9 degrees C. He was near death but
recovered. Davis Creek M splendida overwinter here in a covered pond which
gets down to ~13-14 degrees C and we took some beautiful small fish out of
that pond last autumn.
Chris Howe

At 07:43 AM 24/07/97 -0600, you wrote:
>The coldest water we encountered in the atherton area was 16 deg. and that
>was in the middle of OZ "winter" So I cant say that I know of anything
>there that will tolerate 10 deg for any period of time.
>M. monticola was collected in water that was 18 deg and it is the "coolest"
>bow I can think of from there.
>Roy Hunter
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>> Subject: [RML] (RML) Mnimum Temperatures
>> Date: Thursday, July 24, 1997 2:53 AM
>> Dear List,
>> I would like to find out what rainbow/blue-eye/hardyhead species
>> can tolerate 10 degree water or less. I already know that
>> M. fluviatilis, M. doublayi and M splendida tatei will survive Sydney
>> winters but I figure there must be some others such as those from the
>> Atherton region or PNG highlands that are cold tolerant.
>> Any ideas?
>> Matthew