Re: Hybrids (was:Re: [RML] I werneri)

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 18:25:02 +1000

I have only seen reports of one hybridisation record between Pseudomugil
species and that was between p. conniae and P. furcatus. Obviously crosses
between various geographical races, forms etc of each species do happen in
aquaria bit compared to Melanotaenidae the Pseudomugilidae are almost

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> From: Karsten Zander <zander at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: Hybrids (was:Re: [RML] I werneri)
> Date: Wednesday, 23 July 1997 16:58
> > Hi Karsten
> > Do you mean hybrids between werneri and the Ps. species? could
> > expand on that please?
> Oh no, just between the Pseudomugil species. Sorry. I've never heard of
> hybrids between Iriatherina and Pseudomugil!
> Karsten
> > >I keep them with Ps. tenellus, gertrudae, mellis and signifer. I've
> > >some small Tateurndina occellicauda with them. This works well, but
> > >should have a heavily planted tank for them.
> > >Just for getting fry you need to take them in an extra tank. Otherwise
> > >will get a lot of hybrids, if they are not be eaten.