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Wed, 23 Jul 1997 01:04:32 GMT

In The Dawn of the Third Age "Meryl Jury"<merylj at> woke me
from my contemplation by writing:
>because he is downloading "Bikini Babes" to use as screen savers is totally
>That web site again for those who are interested is :
> :-)
>Seriously though, I often print out things of interest to Ryan and take it
>home for him to read and he is learing alot.
I bet he is leering allot if you've been printing out the bikini babes
site ;-)

>Yeah Right ! After watching these fish spawn lots of times I think we
>could have worked out what a breeding tube looked like - mind you she was
>blonde !!!
Hey, I resemble that remark :-) But I at least know my fish.

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