Re: [RML] camallanus

Meryl Jury (merylj at
Wed, 23 Jul 1997 09:37:12 +1200

Hey, not fair guys !
I am a sweet innocent mother with three cute adorable kids. :-)

Actually the reason you never hear from Ryan is because we cannot
read our mail from home only from work as our internet access is through
my work place ! Ryan does not have an email address and uses mine (he has
banned because he is into kinky web pages and I do not like getting Kinky
sex letters at work addressed to my 15 year old son!) Still, Bambi did
sound like a nice girl ...

(The fact that Ryan has been banned from using the internet remote link
from home
because he is downloading "Bikini Babes" to use as screen savers is totally
That web site again for those who are interested is : :-)

Seriously though, I often print out things of interest to Ryan and take it
home for him to read and he is learing alot.
No one in NZ at any of the pet shops we went to could help us with the worm
problem, some one at Wet Pets, a very large fish shop, suggested it was in
fact the breeding tube and when I showed her the female angel fish with the
worm poking out she said "Yes, that looks like it is a male with a breeding
Yeah Right ! After watching these fish spawn lots of times I think we
could have worked out what a breeding tube looked like - mind you she was
blonde !!!
Cheers, Meryl