[RML] I werneri

Frauley/Elson (fraulels at minet.ca)
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 17:41:22 -0400

Hello all,
I've been lurking on this list - as a killie and apisto guy, I've been
trying to fool myself into thinking I was on this list to expand my
'passive' fish-keeping horizons. Ah well, the rainbows have gotten me,
even if I haven't gotten the rainbows. I picked up some 1/2 cm lacustris
last summer, and watching them grow and blossom as adults has nailed me.
I have two tanks empty for post-vacation Melanotaenia hunting.
I do have a nice new group of I werneri, a fish I kept for a couple of
generations a few years back. These new guys have already produced fry.
Since I have them in a large tank, I'm wondering if there are any
blue-eyes list members have kept in with werneri. I've always kept
werneri in single species tanks. Any suggestions?
-thanks, Gary (Montreal)